TAMEAL workshop summer 2010

Here is a little summary of the past discussion we've had through email about the next TAMEAL workshop...

After looking again into material constraints, such as the date at which
school stops here, as my wife is a teacher, and the time we realistically need
to have a partial removal and do some extended home cleaning / reorganizing
(we're swapping homes with a family in Perth...), I guess that I won't be able
to fly out to Australia before the end of week 29, i.e. I won't be available
before the very end of July or the first days of August. I was probably a bit
too optimistic in my previous email when offering to arrive a week before that
date. I know this is an awkward timing...
Let me summarize the results of all the answers we got so far:

Eva: Perth 28. June till 22. July, field 23. July / August 15., Melbourne 16.
August till 29. August

Martina : Perth 28. June till 22. July; field with Eva; Perth 15. August, 15.
December (or possibly later)

Marie-Eve: teaching break end of June till 26. July

Alan: ? (similar break, but I assume that Alan's agenda is somewhat more
unpredictable that anybody else's on the group!)

Laurent: should be in Perth some time around the end of July (probably around
week 29 or week 30, if I'm correct) till end of August;

Rachel : available from end of July onwards;

Lesley: teaching break ends on 26. Juy.

Patrick: probably not in Perth before 26. July

Jean-Christophe : will be in Australia probably between June and August (but
where exactly remains to be determined!)

So... I guess the best overlaps are the following:

_ end of July in Perth (i.e. 24-25-26 July): this gets us Lesley, Marie-Eve,
Alan, Eva, Martina -- Laurent and JC remain uncertain, Patrick is probably out,
so it's at least a 5/8
_ after 15. August in Perth: we would have then Martina, Laurent, Patrick,
Rachel, plus  Alan and Marie-Eve at least on a part-time basis (workload
permitting...); Eva might also reconsider the ordering of her trips?; JC
remains uncertain; so it's (theoretically at least) a workable option too (at
least 5/8 too).

Let me know what you thing would be your favourite option.
OR we could split things in two, and organize two distinct workshops.