TAMEAL deadline #1

Dear all,

Hope you are all well, and enjoying whatever season currently holds in your hemisphere!

It's been a long time since you last heard of me... Some health problems account for this rather belated message :-).

I am writing to remind you that the first important project deadline is already upon us -- the corpus deliverable.

We definitely need to get a few texts together, asap. According to the project timetable, this corpus is meant to provide boot-strapping grammatical indications.

A good way out of this project duty would be to gather draft versions (annotations need not be standardized etc.) of the short narrative corpus you intend to work on for your AJL papers. Ideally, each of the the following sets of people (possibly reduced to singletons!) should contribute texts:

Alan, ME, Patrick & Laurent : 1 (Martuthunira), possibly 2 texts (Martuthunira again?)

JC: 1 text
Lesley : 1 text
Rachel : 1 text
Eva & Martina : 1 text
Total : 5 or 6 texts

If we each make it e.g. 10 to 20 pages (but more is okay!), we can gather a substantial corpus of up to 100 pages.

This would also be a good incentive to write up drafts for the AJL issue.
Incidentally, I would like to remind you that we definitely need to get these drafts soon too (Lesley, Alan, do we have news about the AJL paper?).
And *IF* the AJL volume turns out not to be feasible, it is good to bear in mind that two OUP editors have expressed interest in publishing at least one volume from the TAMEAL productions.

And coming up in two months time will be the first project report, for which we defintely need to get

In short -- we all need to get some work done soon!
Please do not hesitate to use the TAMEAL website to swap papers/bits of texts etc.